About Superfrog

What We Do:
Signs, Signs and more Signs. This is how we got our start and this is what we do. We have been creating appealing signs, vehicle graphics, banners, clothing, logos, displays, and storefronts for a variety of businesses for over 40 years!

How We Got That Cool Name:
Butch Anton became a Master Intructor for Scuba Diving at a very young age, and has since trained in over 2500 people around the world...thus the name "Superfrog". The story is told that Butch already had a business card with Superfrog listed on it for his Scuba Instructor services when he started his own sign shop. Butch decided he did not need two cards, and decided to hand out the Superfrog card for his sign business, and the rest is history...
Superfrog Background:
Superfrog Signs & Graphics was established in 1972 by Butch "Superfrog" Anton. Several years before that, in his senior year of college, he observed a sign painter hand lettering a grain truck at the local grain elevator. His curiosity aroused, he pursued hand lettering on his own, and learned to letter by the time he finished college. This desire to become a sign painter ruined his college career in that nothing else mattered, and sign painting became his life.
Superfrog Impact:
In 1990, Butch was chosen to be an educator on the national sign show circuit. His status grew and he was asked to do shows all over the world, such as Europe, Canada, Australia, South America as well as the United States coast to coast. Butch has written countless articles for various industry magazines and has appeared in many educational videos. His innovative ideas changed the sign industry in many ways, the most obvious being the 3-tier pricing concept. He was known as Mr. Krylon for his introduction of Krylon aerosols sprayed to vinyl creating the Value Enhancement Concept. His refusal to wear a suit at any of the sign shows changed the dress code for all the vendors. Check out more of our Contributions
Superfrog Today:
Butch and the rest of the staff at Superfrog are consistently called upon to test many new products introduced to the sign industry, as well as contribute to well-known industry magazines. These include everything from paint to vinyl to computer sign software to digital printers. Butch currently teaches classes and workshops at the major sign shows, and continues to educate the staff at Superfrog Signs & Graphics to stay ahead of the curve- enabling us to deliver the most effective and highest quality signs to our customers!